30 August 2011

What a difference a week makes...

When we were growing up, we spent a great deal of summers and occasional winters in Schenectady, New York.  And you have to know I know people from here, because I can spell the name of the city without having to look it up!

One of the best places we always visit is Jumpin' Jacks drive-in (which is actually in Scotia, NY but go with me here).  They have the best fried clams ever.  They pretty much fry everything, except for the ice cream treats in the building next door.  It is located by the GE complex and many folks stop in for lunch during the season.

Before leaving town last week we stopped in for one more not-at-all-good-for-you-but-delicious meal.

Here's baby Ty reaching for some of my goodness while waiting on his parents to get some.

Some shots of the cute buildings where you get the food and ice cream - YUM. (Pay attention to the yellow sign, you'll see it again later).

One of the neatest parts of this summer hang out is the Water Ski Team practicing and performing on the river, right behind the shops.  On this night they didn't get into the water until dark, so my shots are not that good (I didn't bring the tripod on the trip).  The following photos show a couple skiers coming in after letting go of the boat and the boat under the river.  

Ok, see how much room there is between the river and the bridge?  You can barely see the ski boat in the back (middle) of the photo.  You can see the dock that the folks stand on when they are talking about the ski tricks going on in the water below.

Now, look at the same summer hang out after storm Irene came through this weekend.  This photo is taken from above, because clearly, there was no going down any closer.  

See those white things and the yellow sign?  Those are the TOPS of the buildings!!!  That is the river flowing all over the parking lot, buildings, and I imagine the park on the other side of the street.  I'm guessing their season is over for the year. 

(Video from the news after the water receded.)

I can't wait for them to re-group and we can go back for great food and memories next year!!

To all the east coast and NE folks still dealing with the after effects of the storm, we are with you in spirit as you dig in and clean up.

(If you are interested in other photos from Schenectady, visit Buck at daily Schenectady Photographs.)



TexWisGirl said...

oh, how terrible! i can't imagine trying to clean up an eating establishment after all that and getting it back up and running! ugh!

Saun said...

This is so sad my heart goes out to them. Like Texas girl said I can't imagine.

mountain mama said...

oh my gosh...i thought they were boat docks not roofs of buildings...so sad!

Ebie said...

Aha, those onion rings look so yummy!

Schenectady! The last time I visited was in the 90's.

Emille said...

Always sad to see buildings under water:(

Jan n Jer said...

What a devasting storm Irene was...breaks my heart to see flooding like this.

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

I love the first photo.

And then I saw the photos at the bottom..... I feel for you and all those in your area. NY is not getting the press that Vermont is, but saw almost as much devastation.

Cabin Fever in Vermont

Kim, USA said...

Oh my I can't believe this but this is really true. I even saw over tv news that some part of NJ is like Niagara Falls. I hope the people here are safe.

Watery Wednesday

chubskulit said...

Little y is handsome.

Watery Wednesday at my page, please come and see. Have a wonderful day!

EG Wow said...

OH MY! What a mess when the water goes down!

Laura said...

So sad! Your before and after pictures are great reminders of the flooding.