09 August 2011

Fun at the fair

My friend A and I headed to the Ohio State Fair last Sunday.  It was the last day of the fair and scorching hot, as the state fair must be in some comic law book.  I tried to avoid going on a weekend - crowds and all that - but we had a very good time with the folks this last day.

While we did see some lovely animals, especially these gorgeous dark colored show horses, I didn't take many photos of the animals, fair foods, rides, etc.  We just enjoyed seeing them all and eating the occasional fried items...although nothing on a stick this year!

However, I did take photos of some of the more unique items - like the cows and the space shuttle made of 1500 lbs of butter!  Here are the cows:

Not to be outdone, there were also chocolate pigs!

There were many craft and art competitions.  The cake decorating had a wide range of ideas, skill levels, and colors.  The winner was the rubber ducky in the tub - about 3' high.  The chocolate owl was stunning as well.

A few culinary schools had a fruit carving contest.  These folks have some serious skill.  There were 3 refrigerators full, here are some examples of ideas for your next party night!

The 2 more unique competitions involved creating things with scour type pads - in this case an elephant!


Also, there was a collection of antique goods.  They got itty-bitty ribbons. These were so adorable in person, I couldn't stand how cute they were!

I competed in the photography and scrapbook challenges this year.  I have NEVER entered a state fair competition prior to this, but a co-worker of mine and his family rock them every year.  He encouraged several of us to try our hand at some of the skills.  I was glad to do it and will probably enter some things again next year.  It just goes to show, you can win ribbons at the state fair and not have to raise cattle.  

Although, the winning cattle this year went for $85, 000, so it might be something to consider!

Hope you enjoyed the trip with us.



TexWisGirl said...

the Texas state fair does a butter sculpture every year, but i love those chocolate pigs and food sculptures! :)

mountain mama said...

wow! all that butter and chocolate! the carved fruit is amazing! wow!

thanks for sharing :)

Jan n Jer said...

Some people are so creative! These are so amazing! Congratualtions on your wins....You really deserve them! Great shots!

Kala said...

Those fruit carvings are really impressive!