17 August 2011

Book challenge - What should I read next?

This is challenge 7 in the Take a Chance Challenge 3.  In this one the What should I read next website picked the book for me.  The result: The Shop on Blossom Street.

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Author: Debbie Macomber

Genre: fiction, romance

Published: 2004, 2005, 2010

Available: Hardback, paperback, eReaders

Length: 400 pages

This is the first in a series of books.  Some of the characters are carried throughout the series, others join along the way.  I realize this is not a new book, but I have not read any of this series and it seemed to make the most sense to begin at the beginning.  The shop is opened by Lydia, a single young woman who has survived two rounds of cancer, but has lost trust in love and relationships along the way.

The three other main characters in this book are introduced as they join Lydia's new shop and knitting classes.  Each woman has their own unique reason for wanting to learn to knit.  The four women are not likely to have become friends in another context, but over time and events find support and confort in each other and the knitting.

The three women include Alix, a early 20's woman on her own after growing up with alcoholic parents and a foster care life.  Jacqueline, a 50's married socialite with an only child who recently married someone she considers completely inappropriate.  Finally, Carol, who has been trying to have a child with her husband through any means possible, and sees the baby blanket starter class as a sign from God that her prayers will be answered.

My thoughts:  I was happily surprised by this book.  It is well written and the transition back and forth between the characters' stories worked for me.  I like that she provides enough detail to feel present in the story, but not too much to bog you down.  The characters are diverse enough to relate to a large group of people.  Also, the author gives them real life problems and issues, some big - some not so big, to deal with through the book.  Additionally, I appreciate that it is part of a series, which really works for me.  I look forward to reading the rest as the year progresses.


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Grandma Becky said...

I've not read Debbie Maycomber's books yet but they sound good. So many books and so little time! I hopped over from Window on the Prairie blog. I like you blog, your photography story with the ring was interesting! I liked it!