04 August 2011

Playing with slow shutter

When I was supposed to be out composing good quality photos, I also wanted to have a little fun and experiment.  The first shot is in my living room with a 1.5 sec shutter speed.  I had on the 18-55 lens and when I pressed the shutter release I twisted the lens smoothly throughout the open shutter.  I learned this trick from one of the wonderful blogs out there a while ago.  I'd tell you exactly which one if I could remember - thanks to that sweet person.

I tried this several times with different things on the TV screen.  I found something with a darker background worked best and this screen shot happened to have words that jumped out of the TV.  Neat!

Then while outside sitting on a bench a police SUV cruiser went by.  I had it set on 1/2 sec (I think) and moved with the truck as it went by.  I think the resulting light streams and bumps show a little bit of the uncertainty and slight adrenaline rush that ensues when a police car takes a call.

 This could have been a little clearer, but I wasn't really ready to catch it, so I'm good with this result for a first try.

Off to the fair this weekend - I hope!



TexWisGirl said...

i do like that auto one! very nice!

Jan n Jer said...

nice turn out! That first one is so neat! Fun to play with the settings!

Laura said...

I love the pictures you're taking. I awarded you the Blog on Fire award. It can be found here: http://lauralazewski.blogspot.com/2011/08/blog-on-fire-award.html

Cat said...

Pretty cool! I love seeing your experiments - very inspiring!