20 May 2010

What's one more hobby?

A few years ago I had had enough of January in the midwest (read: too cold and snowy), so I used a three day weekend to visit my friends MamaMaven and GMan and their two cuties. We had some fun times and MamaMaven introduced me to stamping, adult style. This is not your run-of-the-mill dress up a card with some color affair, this was serious business. She had files of lovely paper, drawers of stamp sets, and a brand new spectacular Ikea craft table. I was enthralled. She told me about the "stamp camps", or classes she went to with friends and other fun activities. GMan referred to her demonstrator (the woman hosting the classes and teaching all the new techniques and such) as her dealer. I could totally see the addiction reference, in no time I was hooked!

I came back to my town and immediately looked up local demonstrators so I could start amassing the fabulous tools and skills myself. This lovely lady, Connie was one of the people who answered my e-mail. She had a nice website, lived nearby, and had all kinds of classes for all levels of stampers. And a new hobby was born!

Here is my current stamping corner...which was at one time my home office, but quickly got replaced. Tell me you aren't in love with the electronic die cutter, embossers, and rainbow of ribbons.

These are some cards I made at Connie's stamp camps. Isn't she clever? The valentine's ones were my first try ever, I was so impressed. The second group were from a later time.

These are a selection of gift card holders. I made samples for a friend of mine who needed a supply. So many options, so little time.

I'm still stamping, in fact this weekend I think I need to restock my supply of cards on hand. I would show you the most recent ones, but I want it to be a surprise to the people who will be receiving them! BTW, the pictures on this post were from my iphone and Sony camera. I would have taken photos with the Nikon, but I have a plethora of card photos on hand, so I thought I would be 'green' and reuse them. :)

See you soon,

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