16 May 2010

The dog days of...Spring?

A local park began its outdoor summer concert series tonight. Every Sunday a different band plays, tonight my friend MusicMan was performing with his group. StarryNews, her sister, and another friend hung out and listened to the fantastic performance. Of course, it being May in the midwest, it threatened rain all afternoon, so the band actually played inside the shelter house. They had opened all the doors and windows and it made for a perfect setting for all of us sitting outside to enjoy it. Including the dogs. I'm not really a dog person, but I do appreciate adorable well behaved dogs, especially out and about in a park. There was one little itty bitty black dog with an older gentleman owner. The dog was wearing a black and gold dress that said gold digger. Too cute. I took a picture, but since it was my first day out, it's not worth sharing. :)

However, I did get an opportunity to shoot some roses, as this particular park has a beautiful, extensive rose garden. I will add the photos as attachments and hope for the best. This was truly just me testing out the new toy, mostly on auto and presets. Straight out of the camera, no adjustments.

I'm hoping to head back again in a couple weeks when the garden is in full bloom. By then I may have worked out a few skills...

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