19 May 2010

A break in the rain.

It's been raining a few days here, and when it stopped I headed out to try and get some shots of local fountain. Sadly, it was not running today, so I kept driving and took in the landscape. Growing up I thought we lived out in the country, but really it was the 'burbs. Looking back the private lakes, tennis courts, and golf course in the next community over should have been good clues. But we didn't have a McDonald's, so I just thought we must have lived very far out.
I realized when I went to college, that area was definitely more rural. Since then I have been introduced to working farms, and there is a real peace to be found (if you don't have to work it).

Here is last year's corn field, not planted this year.

Here are the new fields, happy to have had all this nice rain. A day or two of sun and these babies will be on their way!

And one more rose bush from the weekend, because who doesn't love flowers?

Tomorrow, a trip into the land of paper crafts...

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