19 December 2011

Surprise Angel

I have such wonderful friends. 

I've always known that, but once in a while I'm reminded through a whisper, a kind word, or an action.  This beautiful Remembrance Angel found its way to my door and my heart.  My friend N. sent it too me, to reach out across the miles and share a memory of the friend we lost 3 months ago.

This little dear will sit over the fireplace, near the Nativity and keep some very good company through the Christmas holiday season.  I think she may even stay there longer, keeping me company through the cold winter months.

Some days I think about the future we have lost.  But more importantly, I think about the amazing gifts we have.  We have memories of a beautiful woman, we have her family to watch grow, and we have the friends we would have never met without her.  These friends that stretch across place and time, to share a story, vent about their day, or laugh about the good things.  Because of her, we will never not be family again, we will forever be bonded and that is a surprise gift as lovely as my surprise Angel.



Laura said...

That is so special!

Jen said...

Your love for your friend and your love for Him is so evident in this post. Hope prevails...

May you continue to be consumed by His unending love.

Kathy S said...

What a nice surprise :)

journeytoepiphany said...

friendship is gift.