12 December 2011

Night lights

I decided to cruise through the neighborhoods and get some fun fairy light shots.  Some houses have a few, others have gone all out.  It was fun checking out the work put in by these folks.  Outlining with lights....

Santa and a friend with presents.

I like the multicolored lights on this house - very bright in person.

Two neighbors on the cul-de-sac.  I like how they are different and both lovely.

Monster sleigh!!

This one was GORGEOUS!  I have to believe they hired a team to do this (or maybe it's their company that does it for others), because otherwise I feel like a complete slacker - my house will never look this festive or pulled together.  It was a perfect combination of colors and white lights,  Not to much to take over the street, just right.  Kudos to them.

The one below had moving/blinking lights.  Ya know how much that messes with autofocus?!  I was taking shots with the camera propped on my car door, no tripod.  It took several tries (manual) to get even this clear of a shot on this house.  I really wanted a better one, but I thought my bosses might not see the humor in getting arrested for stalking the house for a good photo!

Ooo, more lights all over the bushes.

And of course, one yard Santa and friends that hit the eggnog a little early!



Laura said...

These are great!! And good idea about not getting arrested :). I can never get great light picture because I'm not patient enough, I'm afraid. I like the first Santa and the fact that he's not a blow up.

Kathy S said...

Beautiful. I love going out and looking at Christmas lights.

julandmatt said...

These are great night shots! Thanks for reminding me I have to take pictures of my husbands mad light skills!

I'll use a tripod and timer for less shake. I hope they come out as good as yours.

Allison Shallenberger said...

What a fascinating neighborhood! I bet you look forward to these decorations every year. I love how they shine in the dark. It's very eye candy! My favorite shot was those two houses glowing and the background is just pure darkness. I think that's dramatic. Thank you for this idea. I never tried to do this before because I'm afraid of getting caught and I don't wanna end up celebrating Christmas in jail. I'd love to see more amazing photos from you. Keep it up!

Allison Shallenberger