02 February 2011

Watery Wednesday - Black and White Wednesday

A bonus post today, because the weather provided some interesting "water" photos.

A small bush out front, trying to ride out this rough winter.

Icicles hanging all over the house...and they started falling off en masse about 3am. Yup, that kept me up a while. 
I'm sure many a house across the U.S. has this look right now.

This is what all the trees and bushes (and drive lanes and roadways) look like in my neighborhood right now.  We're expecting a bit more snow, you know for color, and 40mph winds to top off the whole event.  I cheated and took these with a flash, because it was a little too chilly to set up the tripod last night! 



Kristi Hollowell said...

Gorgeous! Yes- my home in Missouri looks very similar right now too.

Mommy2Four said...

Love the ice! Beautiful!

Janis said...

Great photos...the ice makes everything look so beautiful.

Kim, USA said...

I like icicles and your shots are pretty!
Watery Wednesday

jeannette said...

Sorry, I see more and more ice storm pics. It can't be very pleasant! But I do love especially your last pic! Very artsy! Keep warm!

Amanda said...

Wow...those are really awesome shots!

Inger-M said...

Winter can be so beautiful! I love the glassy look from the flash in the last one. I'm always fascinated by how ice can cover every little branch and twig, and make fantastic sculptures!
All our snow and ice is gone now - we're back at our usual boring 5C/41F, rain, wind and grey skies. And it means I have to look harder for photo opportunities, but they're there :-)

Denise said...

Those are just beautiful photographs. You've really captured the beauty of winter in them, just stunning.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I have an apology to make to you as I think I deleted your message. I was trying to alter the text in one of the paragraphs as it came out huge compared to the other ones. No matter how much tried it would not change. So I deleted the whole thing and put it in a new post, suddenly realizing that I had also deleted your message. So sorry about that. Sometimes I get in such a pickle over these things.

Evelyn said...

Nice pics - not something we see in my part of the world. Stay warm :), Evelyn

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

we had a ton of ice, but it melted by early afternoon. its a hazard, but so pretty!!

Courtney said...

These are beautiful! Very nice!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Your icy scenes and my poem go together!


The water pipes are freezing,
I cannot get a drink;
The water pipes are freezing
Underneath the sink.

I wish some kindly plumber
Would come with flame and wrench,
So I could get some water
My raging thirst to quench!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Frosted Window

Coffeedoff said...

We had ours in December. Hope is dosent come back here this year. I'm looking forward to the spring.

Cindy said...

You have some lovely photos today! I love the black and white effect on the ice, makes them look so cooold! Thank you for your visit to see my photos of Africa, thanks also for your sweet comments.
Hugs, Cindy

Catherine... said...

Hi MarieElizabeth

What beautiful pictures...I remember seeing trees covered in ice when as a little girl we visited my aunt in Washington...I'd never seen anything like it...I was completely awe struck...just magical... thanks for popping by..

lina@happy family said...

It looks very cold but it's also gorgeous!
I can't see these views here.

Thanks for dropping by, Marie. Be safe and stay warm...

SouthernSass said...

Brrrr.... I love the icicle shot!

Jaymi said...

cool shots! the ice is amazing! we never get ice or snow out here so I can never get pics like these!