02 February 2011

Defying the winter blahs

I work everyday with a lot of men.  So, a few months ago my friend and I thought we should re-establish the ladies night out to dinner.  This is a group of lovely ladies that meet once a month to try a new place to eat and just have a good time, without the guys.  

On this night we went to Bonefish Grill.  I had not been in a few years and was happily surprised at the selection and taste of the food.  This is a chain restaurant, but so much more than that.  We laughed and told stories, and generally defied all the blah-ness of January in the Midwest.  We had a couple babies along for the ride too, and they were wonderful (especially for as long as we sat there jawin')!

I'm so glad we're getting back into this fun event.  This month we're headed for Italian.
Thanks to Johnna and Susan for taking photos. Also, thanks to Maegan at Madeline Bea for the beautiful pink snow paper she provided on her site.  You should visit, she has lovely photos and words to ponder.


For other Happy photos:


Janis said...

Thats a wonderful thing to do...looks like all the ladies are having a blast. My group of gal pals are always ready to meet and have fun. There is nothing like girlfriends to laugh,cry and share with!! Happy Groundhogs day...he said we will have an early spring...I hope he is right!!!

Nicolasa said...

Ladies night is always amazing! :-) SO glad you were able to get out and enjoy!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I'm a guy and I think ladies nights out are a great thing, for the ladies. During my wife's monthly book group, son and I have a boys night out. Go to dinner, maybe a movie, baseball or basketball game, or bowling or whatever.

EG Wow said...

Doesn't look at all like winter in this photo! Happy Groundhog Day. :))