25 February 2011

Still winter

See those gray skies?  Yep, this guy going to get a little more work this weekend!

And just when I brought the shoes out again. 
Oh yes, that 2 days in the 60 degrees teased me and my hope for no more boots.

So far we have gotten more ice than snow, but the weather folks say some areas will get the most snow (in one storm) that they have had all season.  The good news, the temps are suppose to keep rising, so it should be a brief blanketing...please?! 



texwisgirl said...

I hope so, for your sake! That's one big plow!

Jan n Jer said...

Hope that plow won't be needed. Right about now winter is a dirty word!!!

Inger-M said...

We had a blizzard two days ago, then yesterday it started raining, and now we have MUD, lots!