18 January 2011

A little help from my friend

I've mentioned before my love for sushi and our (almost) weekly lunch trips.

But even with all that practice, some days I'm terrible with my chopsticks.
So my friend Joanna thought she would give me some help.

Yep, chopstick holders!  Ok, so they are intended for children, but I appreciated the thought!
(I haven't eaten at Noodles, so I was unaware of these little helpers.)
I'll keep practicing without them, but might keep a pack in the pocket for a really bad day!

Everyone needs a friend that will look at your weakness
with humor and help you have fun with it anyway.
I hope you have a great day...and good eats.



Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Oh I cannot eat with chopsticks. I just don't possess the dexterity... lol. Maybe that's why I'm not a fan of that kind of food?

Janis said...

I know sushi is very popular...but I cant seem to acquire a taste for it. LOL about the chopstick helpers...we eat alot of chinese and just use a fork..to frustrating trying to use chopsticks.

Carolina Mountains said...

I don't do chopsticks either and I didn't know they had this tool - may have to try one out.

SouthernSass said...

My son loves sushi, me not so much. Glad you had a great lunch and some "help" from a friend!

justine said...

oh I love sushi so much, love your shots here and your shot of Molly's ear is fantastic.

Natalie said...

I've never eaten sushi..not 'real' sushi..I'm kind've scared of it. And YAY for friends who get us chopstick helpers. I think I would suck at it too! Thanks for becoming a follower, I am gladly following back!!

nanny said...

I have never eaten sushi either. My daughter and I were discussing that last night, as she was telling me how good it is.

Misty Dawn said...

O.K. While scrolling through your blog, I kept taking note of the things we have in common. I'm in the Midwest (was Ohio, now Missouri). I grew up in Ohio, just outside of the 'snow belt'. We both love photography. THEN, I got to the sushi, and I just had to stop and comment!
Now... I'm off to find out what else we have in common ;-)