16 January 2011

Listen to the animals

The weather folks talked about a big snow the other day.  They say that a lot 
this time of year, to cover all the bases.  Really, what they meant was a bunch of people 
would be getting a lot of snow, and we *might* be part of it.

I went to work that day, taking my camera in anticipation of some nice snowy landscape shots.
Instead, about 2 hours before lunchtime it started to snow big fluffy flakes and the birds began stockpiling.  
There are trees outside my window with berries (the header photo is from there). 
These birds were coming to gather their version of milk and bread before the storm.

They came in packs, flying left and right, trying to find the berries.

Taking them to the adjoining trees and sharing with the neighbors.  They were even on the ground.

So, while I may not completely believe the weather folks and their doppler radar toys, I do believe the animals.  
When they come and pick the berry tree clean, it's time to get ready for the snow!

(I have to tell ya, these birds don't look like they've been wanting so far this winter!)
I hope you enjoyed my outside office mates.

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AmyLee said...

oh my goodness, there's so many of them!

Seizing My Day said...

We had a ton of birds as well... with just a frost!! =)
I love the very first one where the birds wings are out!!

nanny said...

Yes, I think they are great weathermen/women!!! Snow is coming....

eileeninmd said...

I think I would enjoy work a lot more if I could see what you see from your workplace. I had to laugh at the line about the stockpiling and the milk and bread. When I run to the store when a snowstorm is coming it would be for some kind of junk food. Loved your photos and the post. Have a great week.

SouthernSass said...

Great bird shots! Its funny how you really can watch their habits and get a feel for what the weather is going to do.

Janis said...

U are so right...just watch the animals n birds...they will tell you what the weather will be.

harmonysong said...

Fun shots! Lots of snow here, too!

V@WhimsyLamb said...

I love all the birds,great shots:)

Misty Dawn said...

Interesting to see the Robins in the snow. Great photographs!