29 February 2012

theater fun

Last week a friend of mine wanted to go see some live sketch comedy/theater for his birthday.  So 16 of us piled in the cars and trucks and headed downtown.  It is a self-produced series of skits and music, by the actors/musicians/dancers.

This is a neat place where they also have food and drink service before the show and at intermission.  The show participants are also the servers - it is truly a self-produced, local talent ensemble.

And because you cannot invite 16 friends to your birthday and think they won't embarrass you in public given the chance, here is one shot of my friend having 'Happy Birthday' being sung to him by "Cher".  I have video too, but it's a big file and you can probably imagine how it went without it!

Good times had by all!



Linda said...

What a neat idea! I love the thought of the local talent...glad you enjoyed it, and that you preserved the moments digitally!

Christina Klas said...

haha. looks like fun! What a good idea for a birthday. :)