29 November 2011

Out of the fog

I've noticed my blog entries are on the repetitive side.  There are some reasons for this fog.  The last few months have come with a few expected and a few unexpected challenges.  That's life I suppose and I normally roll much better with the punches, but this late summer and fall seemed to be kicking my derriere. 

On top of all this, I have been working long hours and for a few months, every other Saturday.  Now, I realize there are many folks looking for work or dealing with difficult circumstances, so I'm trying not to complain. My house, on the other hand, would very much like to complain as I have not done such a great job with keeping up with everything!  As a result, my creativity has taken a sabbatical and my get-up-and-go, got up and went without me.

So, as I pretend to ignore the rain (again) and search for a few more opportunities to find some fun and interesting photos for you very patient readers and followers, I will also share some ideas I have for future creative outlets. 

1. Try to get more of my book challenge (reviews) completed.  I may not get all 10, but I can certainly shoot for 2-3 more.

2. Work on a photo project idea for 2012.  I generally don't like to push time forward, but I am ready to let 2011 be part of the history books.  Overall, a taxing year and I'm ready to let go.

3. Seek out some fun Christmas cookie recipes for the neighbors this year.

4. Jump back into photo memes and seek out some new ones.  Feel free to suggest some of your favorites!

5. Begin to write more about the places I go, when I might not have the photos available.  I have so many good memories of my travels and the people I've seen/met that I should be sharing!

Thanks to all of you who have hung in there with me and especially for all the encouraging comments along the way.  I truly appreciate them and they have helped me sail through these choppy waters and find the calm on the other side.  Looking forward to more fun and sharing.



Laura said...

I'm looking forward to some more fun posts on your blog, too. Although I guess I didn't realize you're in a slump - which is a good thing :). Hang in there, 2012 is almost here!! And as you've seen in a past post of mine, the even years are the best!

Grandma Becky said...

I know it's hard to find time to blog. I feel the stress and then I read other people's blogs and comment on them and then I don't get my stuff done. UM...hang in there. I love your blog, whatever it is. I just do generic stuff on my blog...I photograph alot of stuff then don't have time to download and do stuff with it. Just do what ya love and come see my blog post for Monday.
Take care!

Denise said...

Some days are harder to know what to blog about, but whenever I come here I have always enjoyed your posts MarieElizabeth.

julandmatt said...

Marie Elizabeth.
The house can wait....ok, this is what I always say.

I agree sometimes blogging can be like a chore but it's still fun in the long run.

Keep doing what you LOVE to do. We are lucky enough to watch you enjoy life and share.
Thank you

teri said...

Just found you via a comment you left over on Clytie's random hearts. You have a sweet blog and this post reminded how many of us get a bit sluggish. We all hit dry patches - I hope the spirit of Christmas gives you the lift you need.

Oh also I wanted to tell you I loved your "blue Christmas light" post and shared it on my facebook page... thank you.

Inger-M said...

A good post, thanks for sharing! And the rainbow shot is awesome! Good luck with your ideas for next year :-)
I have not been a very active blogger lately, either, and I'm way behind on commenting. Trying to catch up a bit this weekend. We have been remodeling our bathroom, and everything is a mess. I hope I get everything back in place for Christmas. And the bathroom will be wonderful when it's completed :-)