10 June 2011

Nap time

My family bought me a new iPhone for my birthday and my friend J. got me an iTunes gift card.  A perfect combination!  So I've downloaded a few fun photo apps to take pictures and edit them right on the phone.

I thought I would test some of the settings on my willing model, Molly.  You'll note she's napping in most of these photos, her main past time.  This one is from the Camera+ app.  I upped the lighting, tweaked the color a tad, and used the polaroid frame.

Here she was sleeping on my lap, with one ear tucked under.  I originally took this using the Instagram app, but then tweaked it more in the Camera+ app.  I like the older photo, white edge frame.

This one uses the black edge frame and the antique coloring.  Also, Molly was wondering just why I interrupted her snooze!

This one is from Instagram as well.  I used the 'Earlybird' color and rounded corners option.  I like it how it focuses on the face. 

I want to try to use these apps more often.  I have been happy with the photos and video from the phone, even with it's itty bitty lens.  I've read several blogs by photographers using phone cameras and point and shoots exclusively.  They have amazing photographs.  I'd like to take on the challenge of getting some really neat shots with this tool once in a while.

If you have an favorites apps you can't live without, do share!



Jen at Cabin Fever said...

It always surprises me how good camera photos can be sometimes.

My favorite apps right now aren't really camera related, but I love words with friends and this weather radar app I have. When I am driving around after storms for photos it is awesome to have.

texwisgirl said...

phones are so amazing these days... those are great! (and it helps to have such a lovely model)

Jan n Jer said...

Looks like your going to have fun with your new toy!!! The newer cell phones take fantatic pictures!

EG Wow said...

I am so surprised that phones take such nice photos! The cat is adorable!

Evelyn said...

Happy Birthday Marie Elizabeth,
What a fantastic gift. Have fun (I love mine :))

beth said...

i can't upgrade to the iphone until february :(
but for now, my droid does do everything i need it to do.....

i would do a google search and see what ones are most popular.....misty mawn {on my blog under inspiration} might be of some help, too,