15 August 2012

Fair time

So was it just me, or did you all get sucked into the weeks of Olympic goodness too?  I love watching those games.  I could have helped NBC with much better TV production choices - because who needs THAT much beach volleyball?  But really, such good times by all those wonderful athletes!   The soccer and gymnastics teams? Wahoo!!  And I can never be too impressed by the sync diving folks.  Seriously, how much work is involved perfecting those dives and then doing them together?!  Now I can't wait for the next round of winter games too.

My personal weekend activities were not quite as exciting, but we did get in some nice family time and catching up with old friends.  Jody and her daughter took me to a local fair near their house.  It was a perfect afternoon of giggles, games and cotton candy.  That last part was my choice!  Jody and I met eons ago when we were mere pups in graduate school.  We've held on through the years, even when they moved to England for a few years.  It was lovely to visit them there too.  They introduced me to some of my now favorite places to travel.

Here are a few shots of Taryn enjoying some of the kiddie rides.  She contemplated trying one of the bigger ones (she was big enough), but in the end thought it might be a wee bit too scary without her big brother along to keep her company.  He and Dad were on a scouting weekend, so this day it was just us girls.

The sun was pretty strong and some of the rides caused shadows across the face, but I attempted to adjust the lighting and such.  I should probably read up on how to edit those types of problems better.

I think this was one of my favorites, she looks happy, but is still holding on tight as the merry-go-round cruises by her Mom and I.

I hope you are sneaking in a few more summer memories as we fly toward fall.  The heat has lessened here the past week and it is glorious.  As I walked to lunch today I thought of a phrase my friend's mother loves to say "if the weather was this good all the time, we couldn't afford to live here!"


Grandma Becky said...

Fun times you had with a good friend! We've been out 2 days straight this past weekend. One I did their photography....a firehouse cookoff. Fun, lots of good food but warm and thankful for shade. Sunday after church was church picnic and river baptism. Hot again. Our weather all week is hot and 100 on Thurs and Fri. I am waiting for the summer to wind down where there's less activities and some time to actually get photos posted on my blog! Gotta sleep sometime! HA! Have a good day my friend!

Linda said...

It is always nice to visit and reconnect with old friends. Looks like a fun time - I love day trips with just the girls...and I loved that phrase of your friend's mother - that was classic!