22 July 2012

A baby no more

When I first got my camera, many of my friends were having babies.  So, I took photos of a few, but Baby A was the first try at getting portrait like shots.  They were rough, but she was cute, so really that counts for everything.  Here's one of those early shots - coloring, lighting and focus all wrong.  

This weekend we tried again with a toddler A.  And even though she wasn't really in the mood, I think we got a few great shots.  She was pretty entertaining and there was no crying, so I call that a win.

I think the one above is one of my favorites, but really I was happy with everything.

Ok this pose - totally spontaneous and adorable.  
All of these from the weekend are adjusted with Pioneer Woman's actions - love those!

The one above was taken from a pretty good distance and then cropped in.  She was getting tired of playing model and was running around the garden area.  I just kept shooting and got a few nice ones.

Here she was sitting with Mom, but I loved the head shot so much, 
I edited it to just her.  Mom gets to be in the next one, on the bench.

And finally, the look that indicates we are done with the camera for today - Ha!

I hope you enjoyed attempt two of the adorable photo shoot.  I do see great progress in the final shots and Mom and I think if we do it with a little more frequency, she'll get used to it and be more comfortable.  She's pretty great with people in general, but after a long day it can be hard.


TexWisGirl said...

really cute, m.e. nice job. :)

Laura said...

super adorable!! I think the pictures looks really great!!

Linda said...

Great shots! I love that last one - I'm warning you! Perfect!

Grandma Becky said...

Thanks for sharing your work. I enjoyed looking at them alot. Children are hard to photograph. Yes, just keep shooting and one will appear good enough! How do you get your copyright c? I can only do @. Any pointers?

forgetmenot said...

Great shots--I'd call your photo session a "great success". Mickie ;)

Jan n Jer said...

what a cute little model...great shots. I am anxious to get some portraits of my grans..If I can get them all in one place at the same time!

Catherine... said...

These photos are fantastic... she's definitely got the supermodel pout going... :)