25 April 2011

Barn Charm

I headed north to visit friends and family for Easter on Sunday.  And, like all holiday drives home, I hit a wall of traffic about 7pm.  You see, there is a highway running through the middle of the state that is 3 lanes wide in each direction - except for the small section they haven't finished.  It's only 2 lanes each direction for that stretch.  So, you see where I'm going with this I'm sure.  If you try to fit 3 solid lanes of traffic into 2 itty bitty lanes, you get back up of brake lights for miles.  A parking lot.

So I decided if I was going to be burning that $4 a gallon gas anyway, I should take the scenic route home.  It was a good distance longer, but still a better option, even in the rain. The up side to this unplanned road trip?  Extra barns to photograph...well, when I had a place to pull over and before I lost all the light.

I did add a little texture on this, to mask the rainy day look.  You'll note that is a little bit of theme right now.  I happen to live along that storm front line that seems to keep coming across the US over the last few weeks.  Having read several other blogs today, I know I'm in good company!

I like that you can still see the name and year in the roof shingles - although it has certainly faded over time.  I've actually driven by this place several times before, but somehow missed getting a shot.  I'm happy I had a minute to catch it this time.


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Rural Revival said...

I love the name and year in the shingles; I've never seen that done before!

Glad you had time to stop and capture this too!


texwisgirl said...

very nice! :)

gigi said...

I like off the beaten path drives more anyway! I always find the good stuff in the out of the way places and you found a keeper in this one!

jo©o said...

Four dollars per gallon???
Only four dollars??
We pay three times as much over here.
And you have rainy days. Lucky girl.
Nice to have a roof date.

don said...

That is a fine barn. I don't recall seeing one with writing on the roof like this one. A fine post for Barn Charm.

Marie said...

There is always a reward for taking that road less travelled. We often choose the sceniic route as well, just so we can relax about the traffic and enjoy the ride.

I've never seen the date written in the shingles either. I've seen it on metal windvanes, but never like this.

Mari said...

What a neat old barn. I like the name and date in the shingles too.
We are getting lots of rain today. I'm about to leave for work and it's been pouring since I got up over an hour ago, so I think I'm about to get wet!

Lesley said...

the name and year on the roof is a nice touch
hope you are not too water logged!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

That is a handsome barn. I have also discovered, thanks to you, two new (to me) memes.

Janis said...

How different having the name n year on the roof! Great old barn. I love taking the scenic route over highway driving anytime!

Judy said...

I love the name and year on the roof...I can't recall ever seeing that before on a barn...Nice!

Kim, USA said...

These is beautiful. Love the white fence and the barn.

Barn Charm

Anonymous said...

As a fellow Midwester, I know what you're talking about w/ all the storms... YuCk!!!

BUT, you captured a keeper w/ this barn... love the white fence, the name, & date on the barn! Very cool find!!! =) Glad you took the scenic route & spent that four-buck-a-gallon wisely! heheheee!

I apologize for taking so long to visit, but the flood situation in this area has me busy out shooting the scenery! =0

Rose said...

Can you imagine building a barn that big in that year??? It looks huge in this photo....glad you took the scenic route.

Terence Watthens said...

Hmmm, I think it reads as H E Post 1869. Maybe that's the name of the farm's owner and the year it was built. The barn would be more beautiful once gets a complete makeover.