02 March 2011

heart on my sleeve

she's a force to be reckoned with, in such a good way
she's been a strong woman since before it was acceptable
she lights up a room by walking in and makes your day when you hear her voice
her family and friends are her life
but her work is a darn close second
she is a leader by example, even when she messes up
she will own her choice, correct the mistake and share with anyone who can benefit
she fought a modern political Goliath and won
even though it broke her heart a little
you see, she loves working with students and puts them first
sometimes administrators and bean counters and lawyers don't get it
but she doesn't give up, she pushes through
your kids would love to have her as Dean
a title few realize is all about the time, commitment, work, and faith
and not at all about the title
I have known her almost half of my life
and I want her to continue to show us all what really living is all about
so as she has brain surgery, for the second time
could you send some positive vibes towards Pittsburgh Medical Center
'cuz we really need to get her back in the game!


texwisgirl said...

Oh many blessings to your friend for successful surgery...

Evelyn said...

All the best.

Jan n Jer said...

Best wishes for a good outcome n speedy recovery to your friend.

Denise said...

She sounds like an amazing person on so many levels. I am sending her a big hug and lots of healing energy for a speedy recovery.

Catherine... said...

Good Luck