21 December 2010

Officially winter

No lunar eclipse photos to share with you, 
 it has been cloudy and snowy for days.  
So no moon or sun to be seen.  

Winter has definitely arrived, and now the calendar agrees.

For many years I worked a night shift. In 2004 Christmas Eve this is what winter brought us:

It was surprisingly quiet that night, and just stunning as I drove around with 
a camera snapping all the landscape encased in ice.
(That is an outdoor hockey rink).

While beautiful, I'm hoping for a little less dramatic weather this eve.  
A few inches of fluffy white stuff will do nicely I think!

Happy Winter Solstice to you and yours.



Ashley Sisk said...

That is absolutely gorgeous.

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

I love photographing icy conditions like that! Although, they are not fun to drive in. Supposedly we are possibly looking at a storm on the East Coast this coming weekend. Eeeep.

Janis said...

stunning beauty from mother nature! Great shots. I did get a pic of the lunar moon,but it was after the eclipse.

Snowcatcher said...

GORGEOUS trees! Those would make such cool Christmas cards with the sun shining through them during the day!

Inger-M said...

Stunning ice sculptures! I especially love the second one, a beautiful tree!
The fluff arrived here this evening, so now we're ready for Christmas :-)

I wish you a peaceful and blessed Christmas!

nanny said...

So pretty....sparkles! It looks sooo cold!

EG Wow said...

Winter has left a little magic. Will you have a white Christmas?

Kala said...

Beautiful light in these images. Have a lovely holiday!

namaki said...

These pictures are really beautiful ! The lighting is perfect !

Suzanne said...

absolutely breath taking!