21 August 2012

So be it!

Because that is the kind of week I am having!

I remember back to school as being a very fun time of year.  I always enjoyed learning, but also loved the new pencil cases, fun new crayons and pen colors and especially all those brand new clean notebooks.  Now I am on the other side of the education process and school opening seems chaotic!

And another thing, while I avoid political topics, can we all agree that we have far too many political ads with too much time and money spent on campaigning?  I really need to move to a non-swing state, where no one gives a hooey about how I vote.  *getting down off the soapbox now*

(The photo is actually something on the back of a t-shirt I saw a couple weeks ago.  I couldn't resist taking the shot because I knew I'd been needing a good laugh down the road!)


TexWisGirl said...

hang in there! i'm sure you'll settle in to the school year, again. :)

and, yes, the campaigns are dreadfully smearful and wasteful!

Justine said...

I hope it gets better, it does all take time! love the slogan