20 February 2012

50 years...

Some days I play hooky from work with friends and explore - today was a historic walk down memory lane.

February 20, 1962 John Glenn was the first person to orbit the earth aboard Friendship 7.  Today we celebrate with him, NASA, and others to commemorate the anniversary.  The Ohio State University, which houses the John Glenn Institute for Public Service and Public Policy, also hosted a series of events to celebrate the historic day.

There were several displays around the University, his permanent collection at the Institute, a series of items at the student union, and a grouping at the Thompson Library.  (I took a bunch of photos, to not overload you, some will be in the next post too.)

The black and red replica is the Friendship 7, the next photo is inside the cockpit.

macro Monday photo

The dinner this evening had several surprises, including a visit from Neil Armstrong and a live Skype with the International Space Station.  I did not have the $10,000 donation for a seat, so these photos are from the party prep that took place today.  (And no my white balance isn't off, the room was blue lighted).  It was gorgeous!!

There was a long panel across the front of the room, using 4 video projectors together to show the historic launch and other NASA clips.  The sound alone could be felt throughout the large building.  It was almost like being at the launch, almost.

Also, the remote room running the electronics portion of the dinner.  There were 3 more sections like this in the room.  These folks are on the money when putting together live broadcasts like this.

Next time, the rover and other NASA fun.  

Happy 50 years Senator Glenn (he was also an Ohio Senator for 24 years) and NASA!



TexWisGirl said...

you had a cool view of history today!

Grandma Becky said...

thanks for the memories! I was just 7 and my sis a baby of a few weeks. what fun to see space history. i enjoy that kind of stuff.

amatterofhowyouseeit.com said...

Cool shot for Macro Monday!

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing that slice of history today. We can forget too quickly what great strides have been made during our lifetime. Would have been nice to see all of that...but not the $10,000 price tag! Wow!

Jan n Jer said...

Great history review n a reminder of a fascinating time! Sad to see space exploration come to a halt like it has.

Genie said...

I was newly married and teaching 2nd grade. We took all of the children into the auditorium to look at the TV. It was quite an experience I will never forget. Your post was so interesting. Sorry you were unable to come up with the megabucks to attend the din-din. genie